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School Nurse Website Toolkit

Release Date: 08/16/2019
Expiration Date: 08/16/2024

Toolkit overview

School nurses often report that educators, administrators, and parents of the children they care for misunderstand their multi‐ faceted role as well as the acuity of care delivered in school.

The public narrative is that the school nurse role is about first aid and illness. However, research provides evidence that school nurse presence and case management improves attendance, clinical outcomes, and improved quality of life with a chronic health condition.

There are consequences to stakeholders’ misunderstanding the importance of the school nurse role. When budget cuts occur, school nurses are often the first to be let go.
School nurses need to change the public narrative of school nursing in their communities by using social media.

In 1998, Bergren, Frankle, Krin, and Harvey recommended that school nurses use a school nurse office website to reach out to professionals, students, and their families. However, a 2018 needs assessment demonstrated that only a small minority of nurses provide information to school officials, parents, students and stakeholders using a professional school nurse web page on the school or district website.

This educational activity will assist school nurses in the process of acquiring district web space, identifying content, designing the site and obtaining assistance in creating the site.

Toolkit Development
Eileen Moss, DNP, RN, NCSN
Lead Nurse, New Lenox School District 122
Adjunct Clinical Instructor
University of Illinois- Chicago

Erin D. Maughan, PhD, RN, PHNA-BC, FNASN, FAAN
Director of Research
National Association of School Nurses

Martha Dewey Bergren, DNS, RN, NCSN, PHNA-BC, FNASN, FASHA, FAAN
Director of Advanced Population Health and Health Systems Leadership
Doctor of Nursing Programs
University of Illinois-Chicago