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A Model for School Nurse-Led Case Management

Release Date: 07/16/2021
Expiration Date: 07/16/2026

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At its core, school nurse-led case management (SNLCM) involves the highest form of application of the nursing process. While the focus is on students with chronic health conditions, SNLCM can also be applied to various social, mental, and acute health concerns of individual students or the student population as a whole (National Association of School Nurses [NASN], 2020a).

This manual describes SNLCM and its benefits for students. It is intended to guide school nurses and school nurse leaders who plan to implement SNLCM, to outline the key components of SNLCM, and to provide program implementation and evaluation strategies and tools.

Rachel McClanahan, DNP, RN, NCSN
Associate Professor
California State University Fullerton, School of Nursing

Cathy Meuret, MAEd, BSN, RN
Director, School Nurse Corps
North Central Educational Service District, Washington State

Lynn Nelson, MSN, RN, NCSN
Senior Director, Health Services and Student Support
Capital Region Educational Services District 113, Washington State

Ann Nichols, MSN, RN, NCSN
North Carolina State School Health Nurse Consultant

Robin Adair Shannon, DNP, RN, NCSN, PHNA-BC, FNASN
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing

Les Stahlnecker, MS, RN
School Health Services Administrator
Educational Service District 123, Washington State

NASN Project Lead
Nichole Bobo, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing Education
National Association of School Nurses

Citation: National Association of School Nurses. (2021). A model for school nurse-led case management.

Funding was made possible (in part) by Cooperative Agreement Number DP16-1601 NU1ADP003090, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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