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Vanquishing Vaping Toolkit: Questions and Answers


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Vaping is impacting the nation’s youth at alarming rates. According to the 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey, 19.6% of high school students and 4.7% of middle school students reported using e-cigarettes. If smoking continues at current rates, 5.6 million—or 1 out of every 13—of today’s children will ultimately die prematurely from a smoking-related illness (CDC 1). Schools are at the center of this public health crisis. E-cigarettes contain nicotine that is derived from tobacco, is highly addictive and has harmful effects on the adolescent brain (USDHSS, 2020a, 2020b).

To assist school administrators and parents in addressing this issue, NASN has assembled this resource of FAQs, which includes information to support school administrators and parents in tackling the topic of vaping head on.