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Anytime or On-Demand Sessions

National Association of School Nurses | Anytime Sessions

Anytime Sessions

Participate on your own time!

Attendees can begin viewing these sessions on the first day of VIRTUAL NASN2022. They will be available to view through October 14, 2022.

Session 1: Reducing the Risk of Pathogen Transmission in Indoor Environments: Focus on K-12 Schools and COVID-19 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenters: Charles Gerba and David Weber

Session 2: From Problem to Practice: Looking at Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures Management through the School Nursing Framework 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenter: Andrea Tanner

Session 3: Amplifying School Nursing Leadership through Connecting Health Equity & Student Success 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenters: Laura Jannone, Marie Foley, and Cynthia Samuel

Session 4: Guidelines-based Care for the School Nurse to Create Healthy Environments for Children with Asthma 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenters: Varnessa Perry Regester and Lisa de Ybarrondo

Session 5: Practice and Academic Research Partnerships - A Win for School Nurses .75 NCPD CNE
Presenters: Ann Nichols and Nakia Best

Session 6: School-Located Vaccination: Role of School Nurses in Improving Student Vaccination 1.25 NCPD CNE
Presenters: Elizabeth Clark, Katelyn Wells, Mary Ellen Engel, JoAnn Harris, Janet Ciarroca, Joanna Pitts, Tracy White, Tricia Van Hoy, Cody McSellers-McCray

Session 7: A Model for School Nurse-Led Case Management 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenters: Robin Shannon, Ann Nichols, Rachel McClanahan, Cathy Meuret, and Lynn Nelson

Session 8: The Role of the School Nurse Post Covid-19 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenter: Tracy Perron

Session 9: Understanding Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Children and Young Adults 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenter: Allison Wiman, Christopher Reed, and Meghan Nelson

Session 10: School Nursing Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline: Medication Administration in Schools 1.0 NCPD CNE
Presenter: Martha Dewey Bergren